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    جمعية الاستقامة الخيرية الإسلامية العالمية
    "اللهم بارك لنا في رجب وشعبان وبلغنا رمضان
    Istiqama International
    Brothers & Sisters
    "The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He wills. Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower" (Al-Baqarah 261)
    Brothers, and Sisters,
    As the holy month of Ramadhan approaches fast, I appeal to you to donate something no matter how small for this noble act which will be rewarded many folds by Allah Subhanah Wa Taala. Donations will be used to buy dates and distribute to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Tanzania Mainland, Zanzibar & Pemba.
    A/C Bank Muscat : 0319005128720035
    Please Contact any of the following if u wish to donate:
    Mohammed Al Busaidy 99343988 Zahir Al Alawi 99358495 Said Al Hattaly 99793537 Nasser Al Batrani 99376193 Ali Al Mugheiry 99344322 Nasser Al Suleimany 99441443

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